Spaces with a history

A very Portuguese calling card, worth returning to in celebration of cultural and gastronomical heritage.

Experiences to discover

From the fresh pastures of Serra da Estrela to the dense city, the Codfish cake with Serra da Estrela PDO cheese filling arrives faithful to its concept of authenticity at twelve iconic spaces that pay well-deserved tribute to the shepherds of Serra da Estrela. Sharing a real Portuguese treasure that arises from the depths of the mountain range for the taste buds of the world.

In honour of the origins

Each day, at the time our stores open, the shepherds have already been at work for over six hours and travelled several kilometers in search of the freshest pastures for their flocks, encouraging them to produce the purest milk. All this to produce the very best PDO Serra da Estrela Cheese for Casa Portuguesa do Pastel de Bacalhau, making it a unique, original delicacy just for you.

Culture to enjoy

Casa Portuguesa do Pastel de Bacalhau stores combine classically-inspired architectural motifs with the exhibition of works of art, making the taste experience even more pleasant: painting, sculpture, literature, and music, while you enjoy another kind of art right before your eyes: codfish cake filled with PDO Serra da Estrela Cheese ® being prepared by the wise hands of those who have long been doing it.

cais de gaia
a tribute to shepherds and port wine
tower, serra da estrela
a tribute to the shepherds