the delicacy

From the vantage point of its timelessness, this blatantly tasty morsel of Portuguese cuisine easily wins over fans in a feast for the senses.

Codfish cake

An icon of Portuguese cuisine

Codfish, potato, egg, parsley, and olive oil. The simple recipe for the “plump codfish cakes” described by Carlos Bento da Maia in his Tratado de Cozinha e Copa (treatise on kitchen and service) from the early 20th century has crossed generations to claim its place as one of the most important icons of Portuguese cuisine.

Known as a "pastel" in the south and a "bolinho" in the north.

This delicacy is connected with the country’s history and is actually far more than just a snack. That is perhaps why author António Lobo Antunes is quoted as having said, “Making codfish cakes is as important as reading Os Lusíadas”. And we make them every day.

Portugal Experience

The perfect combination

The two oldest realities of the Portuguese people, the sea – Portuguese maritime expansion created one of the largest empires in history – where codfish hails from, caught from the earliest days on hard fishing expeditions in faraway seas, now joins the land, where PDO Serra da Estrela Cheese is made on the highest mountain range in mainland Portugal. This is the originality of being authentic, where flavours and memories of the past merge into a unique Portuguese taste: the Codfish cake with PDO Serra Cheese filling, along with a glass of Port Wine.

From the roots of the Douro river

The land also yields Port Wine, born on the stepped slopes of the Douro river and produced in the world’s oldest demarcated region, created in 1756. For your enjoyment. The landscape of the wine-making Douro valley reveals the generosity of nature sculpted by man’s hand. A unique vista built over centuries by our ancestors, who boldly broke through the schist to make way for the vine in preparation for what would become one of the world’s most famous wines: Port wine. The result is an awe-inspiring landscape of a beauty rarely seen. Miguel Torga did not hesitate to describe it as “…an excess of nature. A geological poem. Absolute beauty!”.

The matchless trio

From the roots of our past, we give pride of place to the flavours and memories that make up our present. The coast and the countryside embrace to bring you the combination of these two Portuguese icons.

Different, innovative, and a hymn to authenticity and respect for origins and  tradition: a codfish cake filled with PDO Serra da Estrela Cheese brought straight from the Serra da Estrela mountain range beckoning to the codfish in the sea and, of course, Port Wine. A perfect combination for a perfectly Portuguese experience.